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What is offers each member the chance to compete with other members to correctly guess the outcome of football matches.

Members can select to participate in pre-organised comps, such as 2 weekly Premier league or championship fixtures, or you can create your own comps by selecting your own fixtures.

Members can also set up their own leagues to compete in smaller groups. This will suit members wanting to compete with their friends or work colleagues.

How do I register?

Registration is easy and free. Click on 'Register' at the top right and enter your details. As part of the registration you will need to enter your name, password, email address and the first comp you want to enter.

Once registered you can add yourself to other comps by clicking on 'Your Comps' from the left hand menu.

How does it work?

Each prediction competition has its own home page where you can see your score, position and number of members in each league. A screenshot is as follows:

You can also see stats about each game that show how many people have predicted a home win/draw/away win. This includes a breakdown by score. An example is as follows:

How does the scoring work?

Each league can have its own unique scoring system defined by the league admin. The scoring has 3 elements to it. These are as follows:

The win margin points will be added to the correct result score if the winning margin is correct.

As an example, the 'Global League' which has the scoring from the above screen shot would score as follows::

Correct Score 5
Correct Result & Winning Margin 3
Correct Result 2
Incorrect Score/Result 0

How do I set up my own league?

Setting up your own league is easy. Once registered, if you tap on 'Your leagues' on the left had menu you will be presented with the following screen:

From here you can

  • Join an existing league that someone else has created
  • Manage your membership to existing leagues
  • Create a new league
  • Manage leagues that you have created.

When a league is created, to use it with a prediction comp you will need to assosciate it. To do this, click on 'Manage leagues' , then 'Comps'. Clicking on 'Manage leagues' will show the following options:

Edit.   Will allow you to edit the league details that were entered when the league was created
Players.   See who is a member of your league. From here you can remove players.
Comps.   Associate your league to a comp, such as Euro 2021.
Delete.   Delete your league

How do I enter my predictions?

On the home page for your comp you you will have a box, similar to the following

Clicking on this box will take you to the screen to enter your predictions.

When games have beel played you will also have the option to see what you would have won from the bookies, had you placed a £1 bet on each of the fixtures. TAn Example of this screen is as follows:

If you have any further questions or if you get any error messages or cannot login then please send a message using the 'Contact Us' option under the 'Help' menu.

Good luck.