This free to enter competition is designed to test your skill and judgement in predicting the outcome of football matches. You will need to make a series of predictions to gain points, the more predictions you get right, the greater your score will be. There are various competitions you can enter including domestic and international fixtures.

When you register you will be asked which competition you would like to enter, but once registered you can add yourself to other comps by clicking on 'Your Comps' in the left hand menu.

Football Matches

The scoring for football matches is as follows:

Correct Score 5
Correct Result & Winning Margin (Excludes draws) 3
Correct Result 2
Incorrect Score/Result 0

For example, if Nottingham Forest were playing Liverpool and you predicted Nottingham Forest win the game 2 0. The following scores would apply

Actual Result You Score
Nottingham Forest 2 Liverpool 0 (Correct score predicted) 5
Nottingham Forest 4 Liverpool 2 (Correct result and win margin predicted) 3
Nottingham Forest 5 Liverpool 1 (Forest win, as you predicted) 2
Nottingham Forest 0 Liverpool 0 0

You can enter and change your prediction right up to the kick off time

Knock Out (KO) Stage

For Prediction comptitions that have a knock out stage like the world cup or the euros, your job is to predict which teams will qualify for that stage. The Last 16 should be relatively simple, but predicting who will progress further than that will be difficult. This is represented in the score achieved for correct predictions .

Last 16 1
Quarter Finalist 2
Semi Finalist 4
Finalist 6
Winner 10

You can pick any teams for each stage of the knock out phase, if the same team is repeated in the same stage then only the first occurrence of the team will count. When selecting the knock out fixtures there is an option to 'autofill' each of the group stages. For the Last 16 teams, this is worked out be selecting the teams that would qualify from the group phase based on your predictions. For the other stages for each fixture, the team that performed the best in the group stage will be selected to progress.


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Good luck.